About Us

About Us

PersonalizeIt! was founded in 2001 in Greenfield NH and specializes in sublimation products. Sublimation is a special printing process which offers many benefits over the typical screen-printing method used by many companies.

Benefits include:

    • When applying heat and pressure, the sublimation ink turns into a vapor form and actually becomes a part of the coating on the item. The print is actually under the surface of the item. Unlike a screen-printed image, you cannot run your hand over the print and feel it – it looks as if there is actually a clear coating over the print on ceramic items. On fabric items, it actually dyes the thread rather than apply the image on top of the fabric.
    • Because it adheres itself within the coating, the image is not exposed to the same elements a screen-printed item would be exposed to – it is protected, giving it a longer life.
    • The process of sublimation offers beautiful, vibrant colors.

Perfect for Mother`s Day, Father`s Day, Christmas….the possibilities are endless.

We also have a full line of vinyl decals that can be used both indoors and outdoors.  Custom designs available.